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"I think the [Robbins] pathology and the regular q bank are awesome. USMLE World, Kaplan q bank, USMLErx, and USMLE Exchange do not provide a high-yield hit section where I get an in-detail length discussion of the topic in question. If I still need further understanding USMLE Consult lists the book title. I thought the questions were a mix of easy, medium, and hard which are just like the real exam. This is very good. I also thought many of the questions make you do secondary and tertiary thinking which is what the real exam supposedly does. I think the explanations for each answer choice are concise and to the point. The explanation to each choice does not go into too much unnecessary detail. I also liked how a good number of questions have a picture with it and have you come up with the answer by extracting information from the picture and question stem."

—July 2009, Temple University

"Your USMLE consult CCS cases were great preparation and I was happy to pass the exam this past June. I will be sure to refer my other colleagues to your service."

—July 2009, VCU School of Medicine